Interview Tips
An interview is your opportunity to meet with a client and let them know why you’re the best person for the job, but you’ll need to be prepared as you’ll probably have less than an hour to impress. In this section we provide a range of interview tips as well as sample interview questions in order to get you prepared to make your best impression.
Be Prepared
  • Read through and be aware of the full job description and job duties
  • Research the company website and identify products and services offered
  • Identify your relevant experience and strengths
  • Consider what questions may be asked and prepare answers
  • Prepare questions to ask concerning the position or company
  • Ask your Verve Recruitment consultant about the interview procedures
  • Dress appropriately and arrive on time
  • Turn off your mobile
Be yourself
  • Be confident that the client has already selected you from a shortlist of candidates
  • Sell your application by informing the client of your key strengths and skills
  • Let the interviewer get to know you and your personality
  • Nerves are ok and expected, relax and be yourself
  • Be polite, courteous and friendly
  • Be open and honest regarding any concerns you may have
What next?
  • Thank the interviewer for their time and let them know that you are interested in the position
  • Contact your Verve Recruitment consultant with your feedback directly after the interview
  • Reference checks with current or previous employers will be performed prior to confirmation of an offer
  • Discuss salary requirements and start date availability with your Verve Recruitment consultant
  • You may be asked in for a second interview

Common Interview Questions
  • Tell me about yourself
  • What attracts you to this company?
  • What interests you about the advertised position?
  • What are your major weaknesses and what are you doing about them?
  • Which of your previous positions have you enjoyed the most and why?
Questions to Ask
  • What sort of people have done well in the job and company before?
  • What level of training is provided?
  • What are the company’s strengths?
  • Can you let me know about the culture of the company?
  • What are the companies' growth plans?